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Studio Daniela Juvall

Studio Daniela Juvall

PORTFOLIO StudioDanielaJuvall | 2016-06-07

Studio Daniela Juvall is a Stockholm based strategic design agency.

The work method is research based and always includes a feminist and antiracist perspective. I believe that those perspectives is essential to create design that affects people and turn into communication.

With a love for details that interferes, disturbs and feels off, I often find the design solutions in what first appears to be a problem. It is usually what tends to be interesting in the end.

The studio mainly works with the social, cultural and political field, creating everything from visual identities and concepts to magazine design, books, exhibition catalogues, posters and animations.


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Studio Daniela Juvall is a strategic graphic design studio with a main focus on clients within the social, cultural or political sector. Among other clients is antiracist magazine and foundation Expo. Webbplats



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